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Established in 2000, Uno Fortune Group Inc. is a professional Natural Fertilizer manufacturer, supplier and exporter, factory in Taiwan. We have been manufacturing good grade products over 10 year experiences. We ensure high quality products and competitive price and prompt delivery for you. We have been establishing long-term business with our customers relying on our strong capability and stable development.
  • Natural Pesticides - Uno-1-007
    Uno-1-007 : Natural Pesticides
    1. Humic Acid
    Humic Acid 55% - 80%
    2. Potassium Humate
    Humic Extract 80%
    Fulvic Acid 15%
    Potassium 8%
    Water Solubility 100%
    3. Fulvic Acid
    Fulvic Acid 70%
    Water Solubility 100%
    4. State: Granular
    5. Purity: 80%
    6. Color: Black Brown
  • Natural Garden Pesticides - Uno-1-008
    Uno-1-008 : Natural Garden Pesticides
    1) high organic matter
    2) nateral leonardite
    3) soil conditioner
    4) golden supplier of it
    5) black granular/powder form
    Powder or granular form of lignite.basic raw material for manufacturers in agricultural and industrial products
    Direction For Use:
    Supply water purifier,Sewage proposal, erosion proof and scale remover.
    Compound with N.P.K to produce Liquid fertilizer, Organic fertilizer, plant nutrition liquid, Agents to pesticides, soil, stockbreeding etc.
    Concrete retarder,environmentally friendly coating agent, Decoration material, etc
    Material reinforcement agent of ceramic products, polish agent
    Oil drilling fluid, Fluid loss agent, Anti-collapse agent etc.
  • Natural Garden Pesticide - Bio-8-005
    Bio-8-005 : Natural Garden Pesticide
    For Soil
     Prevent fertilizer run off, keep effect of fertilizer
     Prevent soil’s acidification
     Modulate life entironment of microorganisms
     Increase soil aggregate structure
     Improve water holding capacity and aeration
     Boost effect of phosphoric acid
     Reduce salinity of soil
     Increase the fertility of soil, intenerate
     Adjust soil pH value
    For Plant
     Enhance resilience of fighting cold, drought, insect and lodging
     Improve tensility of root, make plant absorb better
     Enhance crop physiological activity

  • Natural Organic Pesticides - Bio-8-006
    Bio-8-006 : Natural Organic Pesticides
    1.Natural & Organic
    2.Increase yield
    3.with high contents of N,P,K
    4.Professional supplier
    5.Registration No.: agricultural fertilizer,Num.008, product standards: Q/PSB01-2004
    6.Major components (g / L): N + P2O5 + K2O ≥; Mm + Zn + B ≥ 30; humic acid ≥ 80
    7.Special use for Fruit Crops
    Product Features:
    Conceive to provide and supplement fruit crops cultivation in essential nutriments and to improve the fruit production process both in quality and quantity.
    Easy to use, the product enhances flowering, decrease fruit Drop, poor color of the fruit, and help to prevention disasters phenomena.
    The product contains various nourishing elements as N, P, K and fulvic acids which are essential to the fruit crops growth. The product can be apply for a large variety of fruit crops like: apples, pears, citrus fruits, plums, strawberries, peaches etc. Improving harvest the product permit to have bright fruit colors, sweet and refreshing fruit flesh, rich fruit, Can significantly improve the peel appearance and can extend the fruit crops growing season.
    At the same time the product can improve the fruit disease-resistant, drought, cold hardiness, such as disaster resilience capacity allowing then farmers increase their income. Repeated use can reduce the application of other unfriendly agrochemicals while improving the crops ability to resist such adversities as diseases, drought, coldness and pest.
  • Natural Fertilizers - Nano-5-009
    Nano-5-009 : Natural Fertilizers
    Product characteristics:
    1. ameliorates soil structure and repairs damaged soils
    2. extends soil fertility and reduces leaching loss of nutrients
    3. increases soil aeration and reduces soil hardening
    4. enhances decease resistance and reduces insect infestation
    5. increases crop yields and improves crop quality
    6. is a 100% natural, organic product without objectionable odor
    7. is completely safe to the natural environment
    Application & Scope:
    Suitable for all field crops,vegetables,fruits and flowers
  • Natural Organic Fertilizer - Nano-5-010
    Nano-5-010 : Natural Organic Fertilizer
    Total P2O5:25~28%
    Citrate Sotuble P2O5:30%min
    Main application plant: beans, melons, vegetables, flowers and other crops
    Suitable soil: acid soil
    organic phosphorus-rich, high utilization rat
    coral calcium-rich, and has a good permeability
    secondary element and trace element-rich
    it can activate the role of soil nutrients
  • Natural Pesticide - Nano-5-011
    Nano-5-011 : Natural Pesticide
    1) Soluble Humc Acid 90% min
    2) HA (Dry Basis) 50%-60%
    3) Organic Matter 35% min
    4) PH: 9-11
    Fertimate is a product produced from active and high quality leonardite which contains humic acid and fulvic acid. It goes through high-tech production procedure and processing. It does not contain heavy metals and have low density. Besides soil reconditioning and chelating effect, the soluble product will increase fertilizer utilisation and stimulate plant growth. It can applied to all types of soil and crops.
    1.Improved aeration of soil  

    2.Buffers PH value in both acidic and alkaline soil           

    3.Increase microbiological activity

    4.Increases CEC

    5.Activates trace element in soil to be available for uptake of plant.

    6.Stimulate plant growth and root hair development

    APPLICATION: add 10%-15% fertimate to total amount of any type of fertilizer applied
With advanced science and technology, our company develops and manufactures various kinds of

Natural Fertilizer

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